Higher gasoline prices are exactly what Trudeau Liberals want

September 25, 2019

Gasoline prices expected to rise by 73 cents/liter under Justin Trudeau’s plan

Today the Conservative Party of Canada released video of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal MP, Rob Oliphant, telling Canadians that “gasoline prices need to go up” and for Canadians to “wrap their heads around” the reality that it’s going to happen, whether you like it or not.

Justin Trudeau said last April that high gasoline prices are “exactly what we want” and under Trudeau’s plan that’s going to happen.

Yesterday Trudeau announced a plan that would increase the price of gasoline by 73 cents/liter more. He wants to make car and air travel affordable only for the very wealthy.

Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives have a plan for the environment that will lower gasoline prices and decreases global emissions, while Trudeau’s plan raises gasoline prices and increases global emissions.

Conservatives recognize the global environmental impact of climate change. That is why we have a responsible, fully costed and effective plan to address global emissions.

Only Andrew Scheer has a plan to put more money in your pocket and help you get ahead.

To ensure Justin Trudeau doesn’t increase gasoline prices by 73 cents/liter, Canadians must defeat his desperate and out-of-touch Liberals on October 21st.