Riding around the Riding

Support Tako on his tour of the riding

We are raising $15,000 for Tako's Election Readiness Fund. Why now? The NDP-Liberal government have a coalition agreement that is supposed to last until 2025. However it is politics and so it could fracture at any time - and so we need to be ready. Trudeau and his government have got to go as we cannot afford the crushing debt Trudeau keeps piling on to our children's future. With your help, we'll be ready to defeat the Liberals and win a Conservative majority government.

On Saturday, July 2, Tako will cycle 100 km for the "Riding around the Riding - Tako's Tour" fundraising event! The ride will follow the outside boundary of the entire riding, which includes West Abbotsford.

Donate $1/km ($100), $2/km ($200), $4/km ($400), or any amount of your choosing.


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$750 $475 $275
$1,000 $558 $442
$1,675 (maximum) $650 $1,025

The maximum any Canadian citizen or resident of Canada can donate to all the registered associations, nomination contestants and candidates (combined) of each registered party is $1,675 per year. You can also donate a further $1,675 to the national party but your donations are totaled to determine your tax credit.

Only individual Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents may contribute to a federal political party, their registered associations, nomination contestants or candidates.

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