What To Know About Voting

May 03, 2019

1. It is from 9:30 to 3:30. The doors close at 3:30 sharp. No exceptions.

2. It will be a preferential ballot. What that means is that there will be six names on the ballot. Next to their names will be a box. In that box, you will put a number next to a candidate’s name. A #1 will mean that person is your first choice. You can choose to put numbers 2-6 next to other candidate’s names. The numbers will determine your second, third, fourth etc. choices. Please note, for a ballot to be valid, you only have to have your #1 vote listed. It is your choice if you want to rank the other candidates. How the preferential ballot works is that if no candidate receives 50% +1 of the votes, the candidate with the fewest #1 votes gets dropped off. Their votes then get re-allocated to the other candidates. This continues until a candidate receives 50% + 1 of the votes.

3. You do not have to stay for the full day. You just vote and leave.

4. When you get there, you will need the following identification:

One original piece of identification issued by a Canadian federal, provincial or territorial government agency containing the member’s photograph, name and address, (best case: a Drivers Licence)


Two original pieces of identification, which contain the member’s name, one of which contains the member’s photograph and one of which contains the member’s address (a passport PLUS a bill with your name and address on it).

Please note that the identification requirements shall be subject to the exercise of discretion by the returning officer or equivalent to waive specific requirements where exceptional circumstances warrant.